Marketing and Sales for our team in Garderen the Netherlands

Do you have the right skills and experience?

We are looking for a new fellow worker who is able to combine his/hers marketing and sales skills qualities with an involvement and interest in the application of high quality acoustics- and electro acoustics…

Do you feel free to move and act in almost any segment of the pro audio- and acoustical markets? Are you able to search and create new market developments and experience that as an incentive?
If the answer to the above is yes, ACS may be the right new step in your career.

ACS is operating worldwide with a team of specialists, closely working together and exchanging information among the team. Given the challenges you are never working alone and just by yourself. We support each other. We exchange information to also ensure we build and improve the qualities of our team members. The same is true for our prospects and clients.

If you like what we try to achieve, have the appropriate professional and intellectual abilities (HBO) and if you are not afraid of work in a demanding environment please contact us so we are able to meet in person.

ACS is offering a flexible working environment, a working week of 30-40 hours and a remuneration in conformity with challenges of the job.

Depending on your situation and the desired employment relationship is certainly possible to accommodate the concurrency