Clearly the most apparent reason to apply a Novasonar flat panel loudspeaker is to have a very good sound completely hidden from view. And there numerous applications for this, but next to that there are some other specific advantages to the Novasonar flat panels.

Invisible Loudspeakers

Shops, restaurants, hotels,..
Integrate loudspeakers in wooden paneling, surfaces covered with veneer, laminate as well as in ceilings etc…

Homes, Home cinema,…
Your invisible surround system, great sound in your bed- , living room, kitchen etc…

Monuments, restorations, museums and churches,..
Invisible loudspeakers do not disturbe architecture.

Offices, hallways, high tech ceilings absorbers,…
Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers can be integrated into almost any commercially available mineral fibre grid ceiling, into the absorbers that are often found hanging above office workspaces and in many other commercially available ceiling systems.

Paging Systems/Background Music

Novasonar flat-panel loudspeakers have a very wide dispersion, much wider than the general used piston loudspeaker. This means that a relative large area is covered. This is already a nice effect in a living room where there is no “stereo sweet spot” but it is also nice effect for paging systems because a relatively large area is covered by a single loudspeaker and this happens at a very consistent sound level.

Speech Reinforcement

The wide dispersion and consistent sound level coming from the Novasonar flat-panel loudspeaker are properties that very advantageous when used for reinforcement of speech.
When for example a number of Novasonar loudspeakers are integrated in a ceiling of a conference room in which people are walking around with a hand-helt microphones, then the reinforced speech gets divided very evenly throughout the room. Because the sound levels aren’t significantly higher directly under the loudspeaker, the chances of feedback are considerably smaller.