A window or a brochure stand starting to talk to you, music from your office table or bathtub…

The Evolac transducer is a special kind of loudspeaker motor that can be used to drive a wide range of materials like wood, gypsum, glass and acrylic panels or tables and doors.
Although the mass of these materials is much different and heavier than the light weight cones to be found in Loudspeakers, you will be amazed to hear what the Evolacs can provide.

Evolacs can be played with normal power amplifiers and often do not need specific equalization

A transducer will “move” the objects they are attached to such that a wide pattern of sound waves will start propagating.

The result is a homogeneous and  wide spread sound field and when attached to an object/panel whit the correct mass and ability to swing even the really low frequencies will be reproduced.


When using two transducers in a stereo lay-out, or more in a surround system, you will perceive a very wide spatial effect.

Evolacs are used in many applications

  • Showrooms/shop windows offering product information
  • Rooms that offer wide spread sound effects and music
  • Prefabricated walls with integrated sound (e.g. for hotel rooms)
  • Vandal proof paging
  • Sound integrated in artwork

And there are many other possibilities,  just follow your imagination….