About Us

Since its inception marked by a first commission of a system for variable -electro- acoustics in the Auditorium of the VU University of Amsterdam in 1985, Acoustic Control Systems BV has gone from strength to strength. The company developed a substantial experience and knowledge base in the field of audio and acoustics and established close links with the famed acoustics department of the Delft University of Technology. We now operate within a global network of ACS consultants and representatives, installing systems all around the world.

From our headquarters in Garderen, the Netherlands, and our branch in North America, we work within a framework of different companies, all noted for their high-quality products, their specialized application or approach. We are joining forces to operate within our existing networks. This is often also leading to mutual challenges in research and development.

We are constantly expanding our networks and relationships – please contact us if you have any questions or would like to initiate any discussions regarding acoustics or the reproduction or controlling of Sound.

Latest News

Timucua Arts Foundation

Installed this spring at the Timucua “studio theatre” in Orlando Florida,…Check in their newsletter and read how performances benefit from variable acoustics by ACS

Kulturscen, Rimbo, Sweden

During the first half of 2020 ACS was installed at the brand new Kulturscen in the Swedish town of Rimbo. They went to great lengths to select the best possible …

ACS Explained – new publications

Recently published case studies and background information The brochures form a set containing: general information about ACS, why working ACS can be advantageous and how ACS executes their projects. Also …

ACS at the ISCEx

Also this year ACS will be present at the ISCE exhibition Meet the people behind our UK-representation, the 6th of March at: COOMBE ABBEY.Brinklow Rd, Binley, Coventry CV3 2AB, UK 

Royal Opera House, Linbury Studio Theatre

Convent Garden,  London.. During 2017 and 2018 the  Royal Opera House’s  Linbury theatre was closed for redevelopment. To enhance the acoustical experience of this top class venue an ACS system has be installed. …