Listen to an organ playing in the Experience Lab, using ACS variable acoustics!

Ingenii building innovation  recently opened  the “Experience Lab” in Harderwijk the Netherlands. This lab makes it possible to experience (room)  acoustics in a very broad context.
Examples, predictions and the effect of acoustics on sound sources etc. can all be made audible.
As part of the acoustical Experience ACS installed system for variable acoustics. This can change the natural acoustics of the Lab, with a reverberation time of 0.4 seconds to a wide variety of acoustics like that of concert halls or churches.

Click below to experience the sound of a (church) organ playing in within the natural acoustics of the experience, and with and acoustics preset ( church acoustics) with a reverberation time of  3 seconds and 5.2 seconds.
(best experienced with a headphone)

Experience Lab, natural acoustics, Reverberation time 0,4 seconds

Same experience Lab, Reverberation time 3 seconds

or a Reverberation time of 5,2 seconds

Note that this is not an effect generated by the organ, it is the acoustics of the whole room, so also when you speak, sing or play another instrument you will experience the same acoustics.
(recorded with 2 omnidirectional microphones, without post processing!)

Of course, in real life this will be even much more  spectacular,… So contact us if you would like to experience this yourself, it may be- the – solution for your application.

the Experience Lab  “What you hear is what you get!”

(note that the loudspeakers mounted at “ear level” are NOT used for ACS)

Imagine what ACS can do for your room/church or hall:

  • Speak intelligible in acoustics optimized  for speech
  • Play organ, play other instruments or sing (together) in acoustics that is “carrying” the music
  • Switch between acoustics, with a push of a button, or automatically whenever desired.
  • Build halls with lower volumes, ACS will provide the required reverberation so you do not need a large volume for that, save significant on building costs, heating, and by doing that also save the environment.
  • …..

ACS stands for over 30 years of continuous development leading to reliable, proven technology. True natural sound that is used in many venues around the world,  from smaller rooms through (mega)churches and prestigious concert halls!