ACS distributes Novasonar Flat Panel technology in North America and the UK.

Imagine no more speakers and wires in sight, beautiful sound that fills the room homogeneously, not just at the sweet spot but anywhere in the room you will have good quality spatially correct sound.

Flat panel loudspeakers that sound excellent without having to use special amplifiers or equalizers are rare, Novasonar flat panel loudspeakers however have those qualities

The Novasonar’s are very well and accurate balanced surfaces that an be mounted flush inside walls and ceilings. They radiate sound waves equally in all directions.

Putting some Novasonar types in the spotlight:

The Novasonar Dynamic

This flat panel loudspeaker is mounted in a conventional gypsum plasterboard and can therefore easily be integrated in a gypsum surface.
The Novasonar Kit
The Novasonar Kit can be used to covert chipboard, mdf solid wood etc etc., into loudspeakers.
Regardless of wheter the material is paited, laminated, covered with aluminium etc.


The Novasonar Boxer
When the reproduction of additional low frequency energy is desired you can use the boxter, a stereo sub-woofer that can be mounted inside a wall or ceiling. Because of its unique construction it is almost vibration free and an ideal combination with all types of Novasonar flat panel loudspeakers.


Visit the Novasonar  website for more information about their wide range of loudspeakers