Multi-functional hall – Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli, Wales

At the Y Ffwrnes theatre an ACS system is installed to create an acoustically multi-functional hall.
ACS adds early reflections and reverberation in amounts suited for a certain type of performance.

Variable acoustics

A range of acoustics presets are available, these can be selected with a push of a button.  

The natural (dry) reverberation time of 0.9 seconds, suited for amplified (rock) music, can be lengthened  in steps to, for example 2.3 seconds. This preset that can be used for orchestras playing romantic pieces.  
Also church (choir) acoustics with reverberation times of 3 and  5 seconds are available.

optimal musical experience

The system uses 18 microphones and 56 loudspeakers. It will create the optimal musical experience for both audience and performers.

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