Small hall, large organ, Bruckner Privat Universität, Linz, Austria

The organ under construction in the Kleiner Saal

The Kleine Saal of the Bruckner university is, as its name suggests, a relatively small hall with its dimensions of  ~12 x 15 x 5,5 meter.  The hall however accommodates  a large organ (with 22 stops).

With a reverberation time of only 0,9 second the room is too dry for most kinds of music, let alone organ music where the reverberation should really carry the sound.

ACS brought the solution, a system was installed and acoustics presets were programmed with reverberation times between 0,9 and 4 seconds (as you find in large old churches).

Now the organ sounds like it should!   The system can of course also be used for other types of music, like chamber music that is also regularly practiced in the Kleiner Saal or for a combination of organ music together with other instruments.



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