Our Recent WestLab Demonstration,..

Not long ago ACS introduced Westlab loudspeaker systems to the Dutch market.
Meanwhile, a number of very well received projects have been realised.

German engineering resulting in extraordinary audio quality

November 20th 2018 we organised a demonstration in the Schaffelaartheater in Barneveld the Netherlands.

The Westlab line of loudspeakers was presented and core products were demonstrated.
The very positive responses of the attendees were another confirmation of the quality of the product.

Please contact us if you were not able to attend and would like to learn more about Westlab..


Schaffelaartheater, Barneveld

WESTLAB is a relatively new brand, developed and built by experts from the loudspeaker profession who have more than earned their spurs. Its loudspeaker architecture combines high-quality components and enclosures with exceptional acoustic and mechanical properties.

Controlled by Westlab’s amplifiers and unique DSP platform with (FIR) filtering, this all results in a very high audio quality.