ACS systems are installed in high profile concert halls, theatres, churches, schools of music, university auditoriums etc. around the globe.

Below an impression of halls using ACS systems for variable / improved acoustics.

In the ACS-downloads section you find a reference list with information about a number of installations.


London, UK, Royal Opera House, Linbury Theatre 

The beautifully renovated Linbury Theatre at the Royal Opera House has 400 seats. Because of its size and shape the acoustics are too dry for the types of performances it is used for. This is of course for a large part opera. Because of its natural sound and overall high quality ACS was chosen to solve this problem. 16 microphones and 44 loudspeaker were integrated as good as invisible within the room. As a result fitting acoustics, now suited for the type of performance can be selected. ACS was very well received by the esteemed users of the Royal Opera House.


Ottawa, On, Canada, National Arts Centre 

Since the year 2000 the prestigious National Arts Centre, has been using an ACS system. Offering musicians and audiences high quality acoustics for this leading Canadian institution. After years of successful and hassle free operation in the decision was made to renew the whole system to bring it to today’s standards. The renewal started in 2016 as part of the renovation of the hall. In 2018 the NAC also replaced their orchestra shell., ACS loudspeakers and microphones were incorporated in this shell. After the system was tuned it again became part of of the integral acoustical solution.

Church of the Resurrection, Leawood, KS, USA –  “Create a sense of Majesty

This 3500 seat church has a relatively short reverberation time. By adding early reflections ACS improves clarity and transfer of sound throughout the hall. ACS can be used to support speech and different reverberation times can be selected for the supportive (church) acoustics for congregational singing, choir, organ, modern music, etc,… either amplified or un-amplified. 40 microphones record sound. choir, chancel, main hall, under and over balcony area’s are all accurately covered assuring that the hall becomes a true acoustical unity. The processed sound is rendered over 120 loudspeakers mounted (as good as) invisible at strategic locations in the hall. 


Doetinchem, the Netherlands, Amphion 

The Amphion,in the Dutch city of Doetinchem, has ACS installed in both their 860 seat theatre and 300 seat flat floor hall. The variable acoustics allow for a wide range of performances, like their well established classical music program. The very well visited performances show the success of the “ACS approach”


Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Centennial Concert Hall 

Because of its size and (mesh) walls the Centennial Concert Hall lacked early energy. And orchestra playing felt distant and lacked clarity , also the reverberation, although present was low in level. The ACS system installed, solved these flaws. The ACS electronic orchestra shell, also part of the installation, improves the ensemble playing conditions for the musicians on stage and also took care of an improved projection of sound towards the hall.

Delft the Netherlands, Auditorium University of Technology

In the auditorium  an ACS system using 24 microphones and 60 loudspeakers enhances the acoustics by adding both early reflections and by making the reverberation time variable within a range of 1,1 through 5 seconds   (RT60 @500-1000Hz)

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Staatstheater Braunschweig
Kleiner Saal, Bruckner Universitaet Linz
Y Ffwrnes, Llanelli, Wales